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Helpful Links

Alberta Animal Rescue Foundation:  (Kelly is a cat foster volunteer, adopter and supporter. $1 from her visits go to ARF)

MEOW Foundation: (Kelly and Erin are longtime supporters and adopters. $1 from Erin’s visits go to MEOW)

Calm Cat: (If you are in need of cat grooming, and you can get an appointment with Tamara, you won’t be sorry, best in the business!)

Calgary Humane Society: (Kelly and Erin are very supportive of the work that CHS does, to further animal welfare in the Calgary region)

Thousand Woofs: (What? Woofs? What about MEOWS? Theresa specializes in dog photography, but she volunteers her time to take photos for fosters looking for their forever homes, so she gets a plug here! Even being allergic, she takes some great cat photos!)

Cat Vet At Home:  (Dr. Porostocky is a gem. He truly cares about the cats in his care, and goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service, all from the comfort of your home)

Kilarney Cat Clinic: (Not only do they have a great team, they are generous too. They are always helping out rescues with adoptions, great care, and donations of food and supplies)